Elina Pasok is a creative director and multidisciplinary visual artist working in photography and moving image in London, UK.

Over the last 15 years, she has worked in a broad range of photography genres, from journalism to fashion, from music photography to car test-drives for Top Gear magazine; from luxury interior sessions for Airbnb to creating a national Real Women campaign for Dove UK.

In 2019 Elina joined Splento, a visual media production agency where she works as a Creative Director.
Elina is an art director and “the third barricade” in an indie/alternative band Plastic Barricades.

Elina has a master’s degree in fashion photography from London College of Fashion (UAL) and a BA degree in audio-visual media from Baltic Film and Media School. In 2019 Elina was awarded an associate distinction in the Royal Photographic Society.
Her work has been exhibited in London, NSW Parliament House in Sydney, Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and Tallinn.